Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poll on the sidebar

Answer the poll on the sidebar.. what is your media of choice?

I think it would be fun to have weekly check-ins.. I will post a link gadget for you to post your latest artwork each week.  If you add your artwork to the weekly check-ins, you may see your artwork displayed on the blog. 

I hope this site will be interactive and feature lots of links to wonderful art websites.  Be patient as I build up this community.  Let me know also if you have any ideas. 


  1. I'm in! I added my link and I'll wait to see how this grows... a weekly 'check in' sounds great! Good luck with the 'build up'!!!

  2. Great idea Marcia. I've added my link and your button to my blog. Good luck with this venture.

  3. are you going to include photography? :) hope so. best wishes

  4. hello, thanks for starting this. I added your button and look forward to visiting the other blogs.