Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Art Inspiration Websites

What are your favorite inspirational art websites or blogs?   What pages have art that you drool over?  List your suggestions here and I will create a post about them.  Listed below are just a few of mine.  I will add more as people post them.

Favorite Inspirational Art Websites and Blogs

Paper Crafts, Journaling, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media

Balzer Designs--- Scrapbooks, art journals, crafts
Art Journaling Ning
Samantha Kira Harding
Sabrina Ward Harrison
 Lynne's Bows and Belles
Tracey Fletcher King
Vonny K Art
Cripple Pencil
Insights and Belly Laughs
Dion Dior
AB Watercolors
Benjamin Heine
Joan Mckasson
Marney Ward
Tilen Art Planet
Dreama Tolle Perry
Stephanie Corfee
Andrea Joseph
The Tools Artists Use
Create Mixed Media
Seth Apter's, The Altered Page
Artfully Musing
Trash to Treasure Art
Diane Salter
Zu Zu
Altered Alchemy
Pink House Studio

Wabi Sabi art

General Crafts
Totally Tutorials

Inspiration Avenue


  1. Here's a few of my favorite blogs!
    I have tons more, but it's late and I need to go to bed! lol!

  2. Seth's blog is definitely one of my favorites and I love the Create Mixed Media blog too.

  3. I have so many I love just check out my favorites on my blog, hehe! Ok here is some of my really super faves:
    Fabulous Collages, atcs
    Altered art, etc
    Altered art, canvases, collage This chic is amazing! I found her on artsee
    And my sweet Zuzu (lol, I don't know her)she will alter anything she ca get her hands on. I love her boxes
    There are so many I hate leaving out the others! Maybe we can start with those and go from there. Tell them I sent you to them please:)

  4. I share a few of your listed faves but would like to add a couple of mine...

  5. I have SO many that I love...but the first to come to mind was...
    She is one hilarious and talented woman.

    For more, please see the list (about a mile long) at the bottom of my blog

    And AGain...Thank YOU so much for putting Artists in Blogland together.


  6. I added all those to the list... Keep your ideas coming!

  7. I love so a couple of my faves

    and I agree with bohemiannie...

    I also have a long list of faves on my blog

    xx Dion.

  8. I thought your readers might enjoy these two creative sites I host:

    The Web of Whimsy @

    The Inkblot Challenge @

    I've added your badge to my site list and look forward to coming back!

  9. amazing list you got here, if possible kindly include in your list.