Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's here! 

You've decided!!

Not only will we have a monthly challenge...starting NOW...

75% of those that voted decided that we will also use a poll to choose a winner! 

And the winner will receive a prize - as decided by 61% of our voting membership! 

Thank you all for casting your vote in the poll...and much thanks to you Marcia for setting it up.

I haven't 'nailed down' the prize for January yet...but the theme for the month is...


Feel free to interpret the word SOUL in your art in any way you choose...any rules.

Submit a link to your specific blog post...with pictures, (at least one of the whole work and one detail shot)  by Midnight EST(New York time)January 31st, and you'll then have a week to cast your vote for your favorite. 

More details coming soon!!!



  1. Oh that just opens so many doors!!! Great choice. xox Corrine

  2. Sounds great. I may just be joining in the fun when time allows. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Going to work on it!! :)
    If you want, I'll be glad of providing the first prize: my Doodle Calendar. Let me know! :)

  4. Thanks Corrine! (Again, after thinking of a different theme for the past couple weeks, the word came to me - just today - and I'm sure it's the right one)!

  5. Thanks Gloria! I sure hope you do!!! And Black Pumpkin...thank you SO much! I've emailed you.

  6. Terrific choice, will try hard to join in. x

  7. Where do we submit our work? Is there a link? Thanks

  8. Hi Gloria! Marcia has made a linky which will be available later in the month. Thanks for asking! And thank you Marcia!!!

  9. Hi Annie. I see where Gloria asked about the link to submit the work on the challenge for this month -- Soul. So I'll just wait on the link and thanks for y'all doing this. Terri -