Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creatively Featured: Pauline Leger

Today we welcome Pauline Leger to Creatively Featured!  Thanks Pauline for sharing your artwork and thoughts with us! 

1.     Tell us about blogging and how it’s worked for you.

Blogging is the one thing that has most helped me as an artist.

It made me more comfortable with sharing my art, it connected me with like-minded creatives all over the world, it gave me the incentive to create every day, it allowed me to learn from others, it opened my eyes to the possibilities, and it made me far more brave than I would have ever thought possible.

Having a blog is about more than just putting my work out into the world.
It’s about connecting with others, and as an artist, this is invaluable.


2.     What inspires or influences you artistically?

I am inspired by everything around me and within me, including trees, the ocean, travel, someone’s story, music, books, my morning coffee, sadness, illness, etc. I know it sounds cliché, but inspiration can be found everywhere. 

       3.     Which aspect of your art do you enjoy most?

The very beginning of a painting or a journal page. The unknown. The blank canvas just waiting for colors and shapes and lines… I certainly love the entire process of creating, but there’s something about that blank page or canvas that gives me a deep sense of freedom. I also love that part of the process where I begin to like what I see…where my thoughts go from “this is crap” to “hey, I like this!”

4.     Have you exhibited work or taught classes?

I have participated in a few group exhibits (paintings) and one solo exhibit at a local gallery. I’ve also taught a few classes in acrylic painting here in my community, and I taught graphic design at the community college. Eventually, now that I’ve become more comfortable with the on-line world and feel more confident with teaching, I’d love to develop an e-course and teach an on-line class. There is nothing like the feeling of inspiring others to spread their wings.


  5.     What artistic plans do you have for the coming year?

I confess – I suck at planning. I don’t do resolutions. So I hesitate in answering this question, but I’ll share a few of my artistic plans for the coming year anyway:
• develop an e-course and/or e-book to help inspire others
• illustrate and write a book (this may be more than a one year thing…) J
• create a website (where people can buy my wonderful little e-book!)
• continue making art a part of my day, regardless of time or money (or lack thereof).

      6.     How do you manage your time?

I am organized, but not obsessive about it. I am not one of these people who wake up at 5am to run 10k and then cram in everything I can in the course of the day. I am very productive if I am rested, and if I wake at 5am, I am not rested. J .

I work from home, and usually begin my day with a morning walk. My workday begins at 8am or so – with an open window, great coffee and good music. J I spend most days transitioning between graphic design projects and sketching, taking notes, blogging or reading.

Most of my painting or journaling is done in the evenings. As soon as I enter my little blue room, light a candle, put some music on, and sit in my comfy chair, my brain and my heart get into gear and I am in the zone before I know it. My brain now knows that the smell of “Mod Podge” means = LET’S DO THIS!!

I limit my time in front of the tv and on the phone. I am not a big fan of time wasters like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. although I understand the value in social media. I just refuse to let it swallow up too much of my time. Looking at art is not the same as making art.

I believe we are all creative beings, and the more we express this creativity in our own way, the happier we are. At least it works for me.


  1. What beautiful and eclectic work. I love all of Pauline's pieces. Her portrait of Gandhi is just stunning. Thank you for featuring her!

  2. Pauline is an amazingly talented artist who is inspiring not only with her work but with what she shares of herself as a person! So happy to learn more with this interview!

  3. Wonderful words Pauline! I love what you said about the value of blogging. Your art is so varied andd I love it all but that last abstract piece is fabulous!! Perhaps it's that powerful red energy :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. So nice to read your interview Pauline :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. So excited to see Pauline featured--one of my favourite artists and people!!

  6. Pauline, you are very talented! Its very inspiring to see your work...great interview!

  7. I love your work and insights and I always feel the warmth of a friend when I visit your blog. Pauline, great to read about your plans and wishing you success. And,i must say, planning is not my forte too! Well, someday, I too would love to exhibit my works and hopefully sell too! :-)

  8. What lovely paintings! =) and fun to read about you, you do sound like me.. ;)

  9. Great work and I like the variety too... the expressive line drawing, beautiful organic hard edge abstract and painterly portraits!