Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creatively Featured: Patsy Paterno

Patsy's art has HEART!  She is inspired by her faith in God and her artwork is joyful.  Thanks, Patsy, for sharing your artwork with us! our family business

Tell us about blogging and how it's worked for you.  
I started blogging in 2006 (one post!) and really did not know what I was doing. It was a hodgepodge of stuff and I forgot about it most of the time. Before my blog, I had a website in Geocities which I had been serious about and then Geocities shut down, so I tried blogging.  I think like most people, if you keep posting, you develop your own unique voice after some trial and error. Now I post three times a week and get encouraged by the many positive comments I get. Blogging has made me more serious about my art and more consistent as well. I love the art community, so generous and encouraging. It makes me want to also share, to teach and to encourage as well. 

What inspires or influences you artistically?
In 2006, I decided to illustrate and embellish my faith journal. Previous to that it was all words, words, words. And because I did collage or drew on my journal every single day since then, I found out that I had a gift for art. I knew that this gift was from God, and that He would and could bless me and others through it. I get inspired by the Word of God and by His many promises. I want to embed His Words in my heart and mind, and that is why I paint in my journal every single day. My art is all about God! Not about me!


Which aspect of your art do you enjoy most? 
I enjoy most the “evolving”. I look though my journals and the canvases I have made and I see how my art has been changing and growing. And because of this I am excited about what the future will bring! There are so many discoveries to be made in art and all of it is like a song in my heart that has to come out and burst into a riot of colors! I also enjoy sharing with others who want to make art and have no idea how to start or feel they don’t have it in them. My sister Peggy and I have these workshops for friends where we teach them and help them find their inner artist. It is sooo true that making art is like having a vacation without leaving home!

Have you exhibited work or taught classes?
Yes, I have exhibited my work together with my siblings in the Ayala Museum here in the Philippines. It was in relation to the art work we do for our business, papemelroti. I have given several workshops about faith journaling, Artist Trading Cards, Scrapbooking, but what I like most is teaching about Creativity.

Can you tell us a little about your methods and techniques?
I use wall putty or gesso to create some texture in the background. Then I use acrylic paints, sponges, handcarved stamps, bottle caps, etc to make interesting backgrounds. I think if you have a wonderful background, then the art is more vibrant. Then I draw on the background and paint over it. I like the background to show through my faces, it makes it more complex.

What are your artistic highlights?
Every time someone wants to buy a painting I get thrilled! I’ve been commissioned several times too! A Congresswoman commissioned 3 paintings! That was a thrill because she had the paintings printed and gave it to other Congressmen.  I also came out on TV – I was painting a page on my journal! 


What artistic plans do you have for the coming year? 
I’m writing a book! It’s rather slow going though. It’s about the Gift of Creativity. I’ve written the main part and now I am developing the exercises. I also want to develop more workshops to share my joy in the creative process. My sister Peggy and I give workshops to friends now but eventually we will give workshops to others who are interested as well. Our friends are like our guinea pigs!!! :^)


  1. beautiful pieces filled with a loving and faithful heart. Wonderful interview and congrats on all your artistic endeavors Patsy!

  2. I just LOVE the first and last images! The colour and pattern and rhythm in the first and the curvy warm shapes of the second.

  3. Thank you Marcia for this feature. I am thrilled! :^)