Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mail Swap

Hi all!  Marcia here.

Here are the participants for the Happy Mail Swap so far.  I will be sending out the partner list later this week.  Please check to make sure your name is on this list if you think you signed up.

Jessica Sporn Kathy Oakland
Judith Gras
Jennifer Crutchfield
Yolanda Derstine
Heather Kuzyk
Katie Romo
Tracy Woodsford
Tina Wittmer
Nora Clemens
Ana Micaela Marques da Silva
Daire Paddy
Kelly Hull
Michele Watson
Jane Wetz
Karla Uphoff 
Jill Adamy
Marcia Beckett


  1. Hi! I just started following your blog and discovered you had signups for a fun swap - which I totally missed :(
    If anybody flakes on you at the last minute let me know, I could happily step in :)
    Happy Swapping!
    Warm regards from Mexico -

    1. Sarita, I do need one more person, because we have an uneven number. Can I add you? Send me your email address. Marcia (marciadotcom@yahoo.com)

  2. Please add a follow by email widget I'd love to receive post updates delivered to my inbox