Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Technique Tuesday with Corrine Gilman

Jessica Sporn here with another Techniques on Tuesdays. I can't wait to try this project, which is brought to us by Corrine Gilman, of Sparkle Days Studios:

Corrine Gilman

Turn a Hard Book Cover Into A Mixed Media Wall Hanging

Today's technique takes an ordinary hard bound book cover and transforms it into a mixed media wall hanging with just a few simple steps.

Materials and Supplies:

A hard bound book cover with inside book pages removed(find these at the thrift store or use one you already have)
matte knife or scissors
hole punch or awl
hole reinforcement
Papers - hand made, painted, vintage book pages, wrapping paper, tissue paper - anything not to heavy
acrylic or craft paints
gel medium, collage glues any kind you are used to working with
wire for hanging any type
ribbon or fabric strips
buttons or beads (optional)

Remove the cover from the book using a matte knife.  Gesso both sides.  Don't worry about the inside which might be ragged, you will cover it later.  Punch two holes in the cover and reinforce with the stick on hole reinforcement. Paint your book cover on the front, side edges and back side with whatever colors resonate for you. Collage both sides(for the inside I usually use some simple papers since it will be against the wall and focus on the spine area to reinforce it with collage).

When everything is dry, wire a hanger on the top and decorate with torn and tied cloth strips or ribbons.  You can add buttons or beads too if you like.  If you want you can also punch a third hole in the bottom and make a hanging tassel as a further embellishment.

Most important of all; be free and loose and have fun!

Corrine Gilman is a mixed media artist and intuitive painting facilitator. With a background in the communications industry, she enjoys writing as well and blogs regularly.  She believes we are all creative beings with the ability to share our own joys through the creative process.  She gives herself permission to be sparkly and sprinkles glitter wherever she goes.  You can read an excellent interview with Corrine from this past February at Texterial.   She is one of the instructors this October at Lucky Star Art Camp in Texas.  Her blog, Sparkle Days Studios, is full of affirming inspiration.


  1. Thanks Jessica for sharing my simple technique. Hope you all enjoy. xox

  2. Ooh! I love this! This would be fun to do with kids at my school.

  3. Just so simple but yet beautiful. Great idea for a splash of art in the home.

  4. Lovely Tutorial Corrine...Fun project for/with kids.
    Nice work :)

  5. Nice tute, Corrine. It's been awhile since I got my collage on.

  6. What a lovely idea! Corrine is so clever!

  7. I was so excited by this that I had to try it right away! http://jessicasporn.blogspot.com/2013/07/mixed-media-wall-hanging.html

  8. What great repurposing! Love that hanging element too. Terrific project!