Friday, September 23, 2011


Someone asked how to find my pins on Pinterest:

Here they are!

I pin lots of things from art teacher, artist and random blogs and online articles.  Here are some of my recent pins. 

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!!   Don't you want to be part of this inspirational fun??  (and no I don't work for Pinterest!)


  1. Great pins! I need to get back to the boards...problem is I'll be there for hours! :)

  2. I love leads to amazing places. I think it will be as big as twitter and facebook. It really speaks to the heart of people and who they are!!

    Hugs these illustrations..

  3. Someone else mentioned this, lots to see, thanks for sharing, like that black and white print at the end. xox Corrine

  4. I was going to sign up but their site said they were downloading to mine when I tried to upload a photo, I didn't like that aspect.

  5. It seems that I have been living in limbo because I'd never heard of pinterest until now! I see now that it is a sort of virtual mood board, it sounds wonderful!