Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Recapture-- Part 1

It was another great artistic week here at Artists in Blogland.   So many people are linking up so I will post this in 2 parts!  If you are hesitant to link up to Artists in Blogland, I have made it as easy as possible!  Just pick any post you have already made this week and simply place a link to the linky party.  You don't have to come up with a special post for our group, you can "double dip" with other challenges.  If you don't want to type the link in every time, you can even just grab a button and put it on the side of your blog and that counts too.  We just want to see all of the exciting things you are working on!   Check out some of the artwork your fellow members have made this week:


  1. Kind of great that you need two round ups.... I am loving being part of it and finding this to be such a fun and supportive group. Thanks for putting it all together every week! Trace xx

  2. Isn't it so interesting and cool that there are so many ways artists express themselves!? This is a cool idea. I'll link up.