Monday, October 3, 2011

Well I'd Like To Get To Know You....Yes I Would...

A couple weeks ago, Marcia mentioned that she wouldn't mind having some help in the form of a co-moderator. I had been SO happy and thankful to see her take this job upon herself...THANK YOU MARCIA...and had thought about how I could help...but hadn't done anything about it. So, I was thrilled to offer my limited skills and abilities and time to see what I could do to assist when she sent out the call. Joni Nickrent also offered to help and has exciting ideas to implement which I can't wait to see put into place.

WE - all of us - YOU too - are going to make this a fascinating, educational, friendly, fun, energetic, 'go-to' site that will encourage and motivate every one who enters.

I'm fairly new to the 'art' world and very new to blogging. My name is Annie Wade but I simply go by annie!. Yep...little a and the exclamation point at the end. I'm a 57 year young woman who feels my age often on the outside but is still a little girl on the inside. But wait!!! That's enough about ME. I, and every one else, want to know more about YOU!

So...with the help of interviews I've read here and there...I've come up with a set of questions that YOU can answer and then every couple weeks, I'll post - with glorious pictures and links - all the nitty gritty good stuff you've provided - for publication on Artists In Blogland. What do you think of that?!?

I don't know yet what to call this post and would love to hear YOUR ideas for a title. I'd also love to hear from you - telling me you want to be interviewed so please leave a comment and we'll make a first come / first served list.

Fun, huh?!?


  1. How about "Creative Insights"....I'm game.

  2. Sounds great, always great to "meet" other folks in blog land and see what they are up to. I like Jo's title too! xox Corrine

  3. Thanks Jo, NatashaMay and Corrine!
    Let me check with the boss ladies and I'll get back with you on that Very Creative name!
    I've got you on my list Jo and will be contacting you soon with a list of questions. I really appreciate your input and willingness to be interviewed! Great idea for a name!!!

  4. I like the name Creative Insights as well and think the interviews are a great idea. I am involved in a FB monthly challenge and each month one of the participants has been interviewed and it has been such a great way to get to know everyone and strengthen our little community... this will work amazingly well here I am sure and it is a great idea!!

  5. Thank you Tracey! I'll put you on the list if you'd like!