Thursday, November 3, 2011

Show and Tell Saturday #10

Wow! Can you believe it's been 10 weeks already?

Anything new going on in your artistic life? What are you working on?

What to do:

1. Write a post about your creative week.

2. Add your link to the list below.

3. The link MUST be to a specific blog post, not the general link to your blog.

4. You can double up... post about challenges you participated in or post to another sharing group as well, but in your blog post, please include a link back to Artists in Blogland. This will encourage other people to check out Artists in Blogland.

5. Visit other people's posts and check out what they are doing.

Thanks for participating!!

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  1. No...I CAN"T believe it's been 10 weeks. Just another 10...Christmas will be here! YIKES!

  2. Wonder how the linky is open on thurs this week?
    Yeah, I'm glad I join this (my first) blog party n met all the artists... I find smaller groups to be much effective then a 200 member linkies...Thx for managing it so well Marcia! happy holidays

  3. Week 10??? Wow, how quick has that gone? Thanks for organising this fab weekly meeting :)

  4. Time flies when you are having fun with art. Ha.

  5. It has been a real interesting week for me and it flew by so fast ! Doing lots of drawing and soon will be in the painting mode

    - KAT -

  6. I just love the inspiration I gain from taking a peek into everyone's blogiverse each week. I am really grateful for this platform. Keep up all the hard work, it is appreciated!

  7. Hello,
    I can not put the link to my blog on your site. If you go to my blog you will find at the top left the button to click (Grab the button)with html code.
    Thank you, I will like to appear on your site
    My blog :

  8. Another awesome linkup...growing every week! Look forward to popping by to see what everyone's been up to!

  9. Ehehehe, thanks for the visit!! Yes, they've been drinking margaritas!! :))

  10. Hey Marcia -- Like your art journal video; that's a good way to show it off and the music was pretty good too -- Blesssings Terri