Friday, November 18, 2011

Show and Tell Saturday #12

Hello Artists in Blogland!!  Welcome to our 12th Show and Tell Saturday.  I like to put the post up on Fridays and then you will have some time to put up your link.  You can spend Saturdays looking at the wonderful links.  I just wanted to also invite you to share with us any special projects you want help with (like a collaborative project, link party, swap or zine, or whatever you have in mind) or if you are putting out a fun new online workshop and want to let everyone know.  If you email me, Marcia, I would be happy to write a post that shares your idea with everyone. 

Anything new going on in your artistic life? What are you working on?

What to do:

1. Write a post about your creative week.

2. Add your link to the list below.

3. The link MUST be to a specific blog post, not the general link to your blog.

4. You can double up... post about challenges you participated in or post to another sharing group as well, but in your blog post, please include a link back to Artists in Blogland. This will encourage other people to check out Artists in Blogland.

5. Visit other people's posts and check out what they are doing. 

6. Also, feel free to check out my Just Journals Link Party!
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Thanks for participating!!

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  1. No 12? Already? Holy Moley! Thanks for all your incredible work on Artists in blogland Marcia, it's become one of my favourite sites :) x

  2. I'm new so I hope I did this right. I'm loving seeing all the other artists and their art.

  3. I am here to second what Jennibellie said - LOVE this site!!

  4. Ooops Marcia I put my bloglink up and not my postlink. I am so sorry!!!You can delete the link and I will post another one. You are doing a great job here!

  5. I'm glad everyone loves this site. I've met a lot of cool people by doing this. Manon, that's ok. We'll just leave it how it is, not the end of the world!