Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Need Help!

My computer died a sad death yesterday and due to circumstances beyond our control...we can't buy a new one for weeks. If you want the whole sordid story...please go here.

I''ve been doing the artist interviews and monthly challenge but won't be able to handle that until we are online again...which may be weeks...or months.

I would love to see both of these features remain on Artists in Blogland and I'm hoping that one or more of you will volunteer to help out by keeping them going. Pretty Please. Contact Marcia to let her know if you can take over. 

I lost my addresses and passwords...which of course were on my computer and will have limited access online.

I will miss you...but in the meantime, I'm happy making art!!!



  1. Oh, I'm so very sorry for you, dear!!! :(
    I hope the SS will fix your position soon. I'll see if I can do something to help you. Maybe I can host Show & Tell on my blog until you come back... I'll contact Marcia.
    Keep on being positive and make lots of art!!!

  2. Yikes, that stinks! I do the Show & Tell, so that is covered. If anyone wants to do an artist interview or help with the monthly challenge let me know.

  3. I'm sorry, Marcia. I was thinking about this today, and I understood I made a silly proposal, because you can use your Pc.... I apologize.