Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ilse, one of our Artists in Blogland members, wrote to me a request.  I thought I would share it with you all.

She writes,
"I have several blogs.  One called 'art lessons from Belgium'.

I posted a step by step ';How to draw a cupcake' yesterday, but wrote that these steps are just the basics and that the artists/kids who want to try this plan should always try to make their own.
Of course the artists in blogland know this.

But when I start school again I want the kids in class to try this step by step plan and make their own creative cupcake in their own style.  If I could show them several cupcakes, started with the same step by step plan, but with so many different outcomes It would be great...

On my other blog ';touch of beauty' I posted a question to upload drawings of cupcakes in the flickr album or to mail them to me so I can post them. (Ilse@Blue-gate.Be)
I really hope I can get a lot of examples so the kids will be inspired.  When I get lots of them I'll make a slideshow for the kids.
Maybe you can help me?   Greetings,  Ilse"

So, if you would like to DRAW CUPCAKES from the step-by-step directions to help out Ilse, please upload them to her the flickr album!

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