Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our ATC Swap

We are having a great ATC swap and you should really join us next time!  Here are a few of what some of our members have made and received.  If you click on their names, you can see the blog post they wrote up about our swap.  If you are signed up for the ATC swap and have posted about your cards, please email me and I will make a new post about some more of our cards.  Also, if you haven't yet sent out your cards, you should do so by the end of this month.  Thanks everyone for participating!


  1. These are wonderful...I'd love to get in on a swap if you guys have another one please let me know..haven't done one in quite some time...having my first hosted mail art swap currently deadline for mailing is August 31st and only requires one work of art postcard style up to 6x8 if anyone here is interested! I truly adore all of these and miss doing the ATC swaps..miss working on a small scale!

  2. Great looking cards! I've got two so far. I'm looking forward to getting more!

  3. Which group do you make atcs with? I am on the AFA site, but would love to know what you are doing, as I love making my atcs too.