Sunday, September 9, 2012

Issue #2 of Featuring Magazine is going to the printers!

The 2nd issue of Featuring Magazine is going to the printers.  It is ready for pre-order!

I am part of the editorial team at Featuring magazine and I'm so excited for the release of this issue.  In this issue, I wrote the article titled Mapping It Out, which features the art of Mary C. Nasser, Tofu and Karey Kessler. Each of these artists explores using maps in their own way to tell a story or to make a statement.  I also wrote the Featured Blogger column:  Tammy Garcy from Daisy Yellow guides her blog readers with tutorials, art journaling prompts, challenges, inspirational photographs and interesting quotes. Tammy is our featured blogger!

I love this gorgeous cover!

Here is a preview of the Mapping It Out article...

You can see several pages of preview at the website.  Visit this page to learn more about the 2nd issue.

Pre-order issue #2 in the store for a chance to win an inchie on the back of our next issue!

We will give away 30 inchies to readers who pre-order issue #2 before September 21.
These will appear on the back of our third issue.  On the 21st, we will draw 30 winners. Issue #2 of FEATURING will be released soon after.

Issue #1 is still available too... and remember:
Save money by buying multiple magazines at once.

Within Europe:
if you order two magazines at once, you save 11.2% on shipping costs.
if you order three magazines at once, you save 40.8% on shipping costs.

People living outside Europe:

if you order two magazine at once, you save 15.8% on shipping costs.
if you order three magazines at once, you even save 43.8% on shipping costs!

Do take advantage!
Combine your order with those of your friends or order different issues at once – and save on shipping costs.
Submitting to Featuring magazine is a great way to share your art with the world. 

In the third issue

Inspiration for the THEME GALLERY:
take it literally or metaphorically
it's up to you, just be inspired

I have written the past two columns about a FEATURED BLOGGER.  I am open to suggestions for blogs you love, or if YOU have an artistic blog and would like to be considered for this column, let me know.   I am especially looking for unpublished talented bloggers.
Take a look and see what some of the readers have said about Featuring magazine.


  1. Marcia,
    I am so thrilled to be part of issue #2!
    Thank you for thinking of me for the Mapping It Out article!! It is a dream come true to have my paintings in a printed publication!!

  2. Yeah...I was so excited to see the preview on Featuring website and facebook. I'm glad I network with you and all the wonderful artist through AIB. This has brought in a wonderful opportunity to be published.