Thursday, January 24, 2013

Postcard Swap Update

Hi all!  I have compiled a list of everyone who has signed up.  I will be sending out the address list this weekend.  Please double check this list to make sure that I have received your sign up.  Thanks!

Antonina Vracinska
Michelle Mathey
Jeanne-Sylvie Bellet
Deepa Sunil
Elisa Choi  
Manuela Giffels
Mandy Michehl
Phoenix Peacock
Sandie Cottee
Irma de Jager
Anitha Menon
Lorinda Fraser
Terrie Purkey
Victoria Lau
Sharon Evans
Jane Wetzel
Carin Cullen
Roanna Wong 
Ellie Quinn
Katie Romo
Tina Wittmer
Sabine Ickler
Sherry Morales
Morag Archer
Linda Kittmer
Roberta Warshaw 
Cat Wilson
Dawn Maurice 
Penelope Harris
Tracy Woodsford
Terrie Purkey 
Corrine Gilman
Monika Paha
Joanna Urbani
Marcia Beckett


  1. Hi! I have send my address yesterday, and now I don't see my name.

    1. Please email me again. What is your name and address?

    2. I have sent to marciadotcom()yahoo com
      My name is Antonina from Latvia :)))
      My postcard already ready to sent :)))

  2. I´ve also sent my adress yesterday. Hope you´ve received...
    My name is mentioned here. Monika

  3. Hi I would like to join for the swap. Can I still send my address to you?

  4. Hi Marcia- wondering if u sent out the lists yet- jane wetzel