Saturday, January 19, 2013

Postcard Swap

There are over 20 people signed up for our postcard swap so far!   Wouldn't you like to join us?
Postcard by Marcia Beckett

Featuring magazine is having a call for mail art to illustrate an article.  See the details here.  They are due Feb. 25 to the magazine.

To coincide with this mail art call, Artists in Blogland is going to have a POSTCARD SWAP.  See, you can sign up for our swap, and then make a few extra to send to Featuring magazine.  Here's the details of OUR SWAP.

1.   Email Marcia with your postal address.  Sign ups close Jan. 25.  Start making your cards now!
2.   Make THREE original postcards (sized 4"x6") using any media... watercolors, collage, inks, stamping, colored pencils, fabric....  you are only limited to your imagination.
3.  Write your contact info on the back (email or blog address, name, etc.) so that your recipients can thank you.
4.   After Jan. 25, Marcia will send out a list of participants (with addresses).  You will send ONE postcard to each of the three people listed below your name.  You may be sending internationally, so keep that in mind.  Send your postcards in the mail by February 14 (Valentine's Day, easy to remember).  Don't forget to send some extras to Featuring magazine!


  1. Sweet card. I really like how you have taken your journal voice to your mail art. Doodle love! xox

  2. My postcards are all done and ready to hit the mail! =0) Thanks for hosting a fun swap!

  3. I would love to do this, but feeling really insecure about being able to come up with something worthy to share. I will think about it some more.

    1. Oh you should just go ahead and jump in! Dont feel pressure... it's all just for fun!

  4. My email is in and my postcards are made! I'm looking forward to mail being fun again!

  5. Wondering whether I can participate or not, considering I am based far away in India.

  6. I'd love to take part - sending my email address straight away!

  7. Hello, i sent you an email to participate several days ago, but got no answer..Did you receive it? My name is Jeanne-Sylvie, from France.All my best.

  8. Thanks Marcia, i got your answer on my blog, so nice to you! Cheers!