Friday, February 15, 2013

Postcard Swap updates

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!  I think everyone had a fun time. We had a lot of participants and I'm very pleased with the response.  If you have not sent out your cards, please do so as soon as possible.  I'm sure your recipients are eagerly awaiting their cards.  :)

Many of our swappers posted about the exchange on their blogs. Below are some of the postcards that were sent and received.  Enjoy!  And don't despair if you missed this swap, we will have another Artists in Blogland swap soon.

One of Deepa's cards

Paper Rainbow

Dawn's cards

Linda Kittmer

Miss Marple



  1. WOW! I must say that we've all made some gorgeous cards! Still waiting eagerly for mine to arrive, I hope that the ones I have send have found their way to the recipients!
    Thank you for hosting this great swap! - Irma

  2. This was fun, yes, I got a couple so far too and am waiting to post them all. I love the creativity flowing in these swaps, thanks for hosting. xox

  3. This swap was more fun then I have had in ages. My mailbox has never been so filled with wonderful mail. I hope we can do it again soon. I am going to continue to make postcards in the hopes I will get to use them sometime.

    PS There are two here that I received. One from Linda Kittmer and one from Paper Rainbow. They are both wonderful. I still have to post my third one to my blog from Sherry Morales. Do we have a flickr group where we can post them?

    Thank you again for this fun opportunity to share our work with our friends in our online world of art.

  4. Yes it was fun and a learning curve too because for the first time I thought about my recipients reactions to what they receive from me! I sent out my cards to all three of my blogger friends and one of them, Terrie Purkey, informed me she received it...most importantly liked it!
    I am waiting eagerly to receive my cards.
    I think I will paint more cards too!
    Thank you Marcia!

  5. This was a great swap - 3 postcards was so achievable :) I've received one postcard so far and I'm eagerly awaiting the other 2. I don't think any of mine have been received (hopefully they should arrive early next week).

    Thank you for organising this swap!


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  7. We don't currently have a flickr group, but that wouldn't be hard to set up!

  8. I had so much fun with this swap. I got 2 and am waiting for my last postcard.

  9. I have received two post cards so far and they are lovely! I responded to one person because they had their email on the back - that was from Katie Romo. The second post card I received was from Tina Wittmer but I did not see an email addy for her. I know that one person got my card and I was glad to hear from her. Thanks to all that participated. Having lots of fun. Will post on my blog soon.

  10. I received 2 out of the 3 - a beautiful fish from Susan Thomas and a gorgeous recycled cereal box collage from Corrine Gilman! I'm still hoping to receive one from Monika Paha......

    I'll post the 2 I've received on my blog soon :)

    Thank you!

  11. Loved taking part in the swap, Ive received two so far,like Sherry I wanted to thank Tina wittmer for her beautiful card but couldn't find a contact add, If you are reading Tina thanks :)

  12. Wish I could have done this! What a cool idea.

  13. What a great idea! The cards are all beautiful.

  14. I have received 2 out of 3 postcards from Jeanne Sylvie Bennet and Michelle Mathey. Loved both of them immensely!!! Waiting for the last one, Antonina's :)
    I sent out all my cards long back to Elisa Choi, Manuela Giffels and Mandy Michehl...received news from Elisa that she loved it and that made me super happy! Waiting to hear from Manuela and Mandy.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful art exchange. Loved to be part of it :)