Friday, December 23, 2011


Something new is coming to Artists In Blogland and I’m here to invite YOU to participate.
Joni Nickrent, of Pop Art Minis, made a suggestion that we have a monthly challenge based on a different theme each month.

I think this is a GReat idea, so even though Joni initiated it, I’m going to instigate it!!!

You may have been to other web sites that offer challenges such as this one…so I’m wondering…if you have any ideas to tweak OUR challenge…that will make it just a bit more exciting.

I’ve thought about asking our members to donate a gift to award to a monthly winner…who will win by popular vote. 

It would need to be something lightweight and small so it won’t cost a fortune to mail across the world – but that would be up to the giver.

What do you think?!? 

Pretty please with a cherry on top…share your thoughts and ideas with us!!!

I’m gonna try thinking outside the box and can’t WAIT to see what you-all produce!!!

Stay tuned for the January theme. 

Create Your Life,



  1. Thanks Annie for taking the lead...hopefully I'll be back on track after the new year! Love the idea of a little something, something to sweeten the challenge!

  2. Hi Annie, I think it's a great idea, and a prized challenge is much better as an incentive. I would be willing to donate something small as a prize, maybe a small original canvas or something. As for challenge ideas; a lot of us use a huge range of mediums and substrates so it would have to be pretty broad. Cloth doll artistry have had some funky ideas that could be applied to everything, e.g. Colour challenge (using tonals of the one colour), Make it Male (has to be a male subjects), Animal Instincts (subject has to have animal parts). Plus I saw that Tracey does Monthly Painters Challenges, and her last one was "Fabric Design", so she might have some cool ideas.

  3. I'm in! :) I can gift one of my Doodle Calendars as a prize. I'll keep on touch to see what you've come up tp.
    For now, Happy Holidays!!

  4. Thanks girls! I'm in hibernate mode today but I'm totally optimistic that my brain will kick in SooN and I'll do something about this challenge. Joni...just let me know when you're ready to take over. :)

  5. I totally LOVE a challenge!! So excited to see what January's theme will be!