Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been doing the 'Creatively Featured' Interviews in the middle of the month and totally forgot about recruiting someone for the month of January!!! 

If anyone would like to be "IT" for this month...or in future...Pretty Please email me to let me know.


Create Your Life,



  1. No worries! Can't wait to see what talented artist is featured. Cheers!

  2. I'd love to be featured, what's involved?
    Jennifer McLean from, etsy store at

  3. Thank you for all your hard work on this blog!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I had three emails and Jennifer above volunteer so I'm good for awhile. And you're welcome Carole. It's my pleasure!

  5. Hi Annie I see you have this under wraps. I was going to ask if you needed someone to interview or someone to do the interviewing, but I see now you are asking to be "it" the one interviewed by you. So I'm glad it worked out and let me know if I can be helpful in the future. Y'all are really working hard to make this blog interactive and all of us appreciate it. Thanks Terri -- I guess I need to become a member. I don't know if I am or not. I'm on the Artist in Blogland page. I'll check it out. I've been voting and I don't even know if I am supposed to.

    1. Hey Terri! I haven't checked back on these comments in awhile. Sorry...I don't receive an email! You can be helpful in the future by allowing us to interview you. :) I have ladies lined up until around June or if you're interested in answering some questions...just let me know! I'll copy this reply and visit your blog. Thank YOU! And if you haven't...please do join in!

  6. Are you not doing Artists in Blogland today? namaste, Carol ~ (Share the Creative Journey)