Thursday, July 12, 2012

Artist Trading Card Sign Ups!

Artist Trading Card Swap!

You asked for it! Connie suggested that we have an artist trading card swap.  Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art, the size of a baseball card.  There are tons of resources on the internet about artist trading cards.  I (Marcia) have a huge collection of them and used to swap them all the time.  

Here's the details of our first ever SWAP!
1.  Make 6 Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).  Any media is fine, as long as they are the size of a baseball card ( 2+1⁄2 by 3+1⁄2 inches (63 × 89 mm).  Sign your name and contact info on the back of the cards (like a blog or email address). 

2.  Sign up by emailing me with your postal address.  Sign ups will close July 30.

3.  You will receive 3 addresses of people to send your cards to.  Send your cards as soon as you can, but no later than the end of August.  You will send TWO cards to EACH person you are assigned... for a total of SIX cards.  You must be willing to mail internationally.  The names and addresses will be assigned randomly, so you might receive from different people than you send to.

4.  Also, it would be fun if when you send and receive your cards, you take pictures and tell us about it.

I think this is all the info you need for now.  This is my first time hosting a swap in many years, so let me know if this all makes sense!  

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