Friday, March 22, 2013

Show and Tell Saturday

Artists in Blogland has a lot going on!  First, the Techniques on Tuesday series was a big hit.  Thanks to Carolyn and Jessica for the first TT. 

The Color this Quote challenge is also going on now.  Don't forget to submit your entry!

Here are a couple of highlights from last Show and Tell.

I love Paper Yum's painting:

I also really love Hwee's sketches!

It's time for our bi-weekly (every other week) Show and Tell Saturday.  The only real rule is that the links must be art-related!  Link up to a blog post about what you've been working on this week.  If you can, please try to visit at least 3 other artists from the link-up.  Also, it is nice to have a link on your blog post back to Artists in Blogland, so that other people can find the group. 

*** Here is another idea:  Find your favorite work of art in Show and Tell Saturday and PIN IT on Pinterest to share with other people. ****


  1. You always have something fun and exciting going here. Thank you!

  2. Thanks you for opportunity. I've linked with and Google+d 1. I'll do the same with 2 more at least tomorrow.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my work here!

  4. Paper Yum's work sparkle! Beautiful! And Hwee's are so expressive and mischievious too:)