Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Mail Swap: Sign up!

Graphic via Kawaii Stationery Scans

Sign up for our Happy Mail Swap!

Who doesn't love receiving a fun package in the mail?  I thought Spring would be a great time to swap happy surprises through snail mail.
Sign up by emailing me with your full name and preferred email account.  I will match you up with another person.  The two of you will send each other one 8"x10" (large) envelope stuffed with fun stuff.  You will be responsible for contacting the other person to ask for their address and to communicate with them about when you are sending off your package.  You may be sending international mail.  Here are some ideas of things to put in your envelope:

A nice note


Image from Thefoxandtheteacup Etsy shop

Little prints of your artwork

Image from Marcia's Etsy Shop

Ephemera, painted papers, collage supplies

Image from Castle in the Air online shop

 Cute tape and stickers

Tape from
Stickers via

A small collage or original artwork

Artwork by Marcia


Image via Pinterest.. Little Bits of Pretty

Other Ideas???  Use your imagination!  Leave some additional ideas in the comments.

Note:  The items you send do not all have to be brand new, meaning you do not need to go out and buy anything (although you can if you want to.)  You can find things in your house that would be fun to send.  The idea is to just make someone's day brighter!

*** Sign ups close May 15.  Partner lists will be sent out shortly after.  Please send out your packages by June 15. ***