Friday, April 26, 2013

Show and Tell Saturday

Happy SATS!  (Show and Tell Saturday)

* Please visit at least 3 other artists and if you use Pinterest, please PIN your favorite art from this week.  I know Pinterest brings a lot of traffic to my blogs, so it is a great way to share art. *

Add a link to a recent blog post and make sure to grab one of our buttons or put a link in your post back to Artists in Blogland so more people can join us.  Try to visit at least 3 other blogs and leave comments. 

If you are reading from a blog reader, you might have to pop on over to the actual blog post to add your link.

Would anyone like to make us a new blog button?  Leave a comment if you like to make blog buttons and would be willing to make something spiffy.  You will get a personal shout out on Artist in Blogland!


  1. I look forward to linking to Show and Tell Saturday all the time. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for hosting this! Love to see what people have been working on!

  3. I'd love to create a new button. Do you want it specifically for Show & Tell Saturday? When do you need it done?

  4. Have you already decided on who's going to create your button, or are you still looking? I'm volunteering!